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Residential Aquarium Installation Done Right

Installing a home aquarium can be a big job. The more complex the concept, the more difficult the installation. Often times, the right product for a customer is the one that is tailored to their needs. This might mean a standard saltwater tank, but supplying the fish, coral reefs, and adornments for that tank can be difficult. Likewise, custom installations can be a nightmare in water circulation, feeding, and proper maintenance. A poorly installed tank won’t last long, and not understanding the proper pH balance could lead to disaster. That’s why we leverage over 40 years of experience and hundreds of installations to get the job done right.

What an Aquarium Can Do For You

The goal of residential installs is to provide the peace of mind and serenity that natural environments can bring to a home. Studies have shown that home aquariums can lower heart rates, alleviate blood pressure, and reduce stress levels for owners who routinely maintain their fish tank or aquarium. Additionally, spending just a few minutes a day viewing an aquarium has been shown to increase happiness and cause higher levels of relaxation.

Getting Started

Having an aquatic habitat in your home can do wonders for your mental wellbeing and bring the family together in ways beyond what you can image. Be it an indoor aquarium with freshwater nano fish to an outdoor pond or water feature. Our aquarium installation experts will do everything they can to create the right habitat for you and your family. Click here to get a free estimate from Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. or give us a call at (310) 822-7484 and create your own aquarium!

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