Our Saltwater Aquariums

A Custom Saltwater Aquarium Will Bring the Ocean Home

Having a saltwater aquarium will provide a vibrant, serene ambience to any establishment. Living Art Aquarium Design, Inc. specializes in providing the best possible options when it comes to aquatic products, and our saltwater aquariums contain a variety of species and habitats to suit any client’s needs. There are few things as peaceful as a well crafted saltwater aquarium, and they are a great addition to your home or business. We have a special team consisting of designers, engineers, and a resident marine biologist to ensure that animals living in your aquarium as well as the design of the aquarium are both beautiful and safe for the animals.

Find the Right One for You

When you create your own aquarium with us, you will be presented with a vast selection of set ups to turn your dream aquarium into a reality. We are passionate about our craft and will work our hardest to create a true piece of aquatic art that livens up your space. We also offer aquarium maintenance services to ensure that your saltwater aquarium remains vibrant and healthy for as long as you have it. Here are just a few of the types of aquarium installations we do at Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc.

Custom Saltwater Aquarium: 

Every customized saltwater aquarium is built to your specifications and can be filled with a variety of exotic organisms such as Angelfish, Clownfish, Eels, Groupers, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Rabbitfish, Rays, Sharks, Snappers, Surgeonfish, Triggerfish, Wrasses, and more.

Saltwater Reef Aquarium:

A reef aquarium is a true reflection of what life is like under the sea. Saltwater Reef Aquariums utilize live corals and other marine invertebrates to recreate an oceanic environment and develop a thriving ecosystem in your home or business.

Artificial Reef Aquariums:

A beautifully crafted replication of a living reef aquarium, our team adheres to a realistic form and texture to make your artificial reef aquarium as life-like as possible. Utilizing an artificial reef aquarium helps preserve the ocean’s natural reefs and provides a magnificent aquatic piece of art for whichever space you choose to put it in.

Nano Cube Aquariums: 

Nano Cube Aquariums bring an underwater world to life without taking up too much space. These aquariums are great for those who want to have the calming benefits of an aquarium in a compact form. We have a precise understanding of the multi-stage filtration systems necessary to maintain the longevity of a nano cube aquarium and make sure our clients have the information and resources to make them last.

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