A Freshwater Aquarium is a Great Way to Liven Your Los Angeles Home

How A Freshwater Aquarium Can Enhance Your Home or Business

If you want a lush, beautiful aquatic addition to your home, a freshwater aquarium is the perfect option. This type of aquarium provides a very natural look and houses species that are easier to maintain than those of the saltwater variety. Freshwater fish are also a lower cost option than saltwater fish while still offering a wide variety of species.

Getting Started

There is very little risk when it comes to tackling the responsibilities of a freshwater aquarium. Freshwater tank maintenance is relatively easy, and the lifespan of a freshwater fish is longer than most other options. Freshwater tanks can also be customized with a huge variety of plants and underwater vegetation, so you can give your tank the exact look and feel that you want. Here are a few of your freshwater aquarium options when you choose Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc.

Custom Freshwater Aquarium:

To make a tank truly special, you should pursue our options for customizing the layout of your tank. We also offer a huge number of species options including: Discus, Betta, Killifish, German Blue Ram, Boseman Rainbow Fish, Gouramis, Peacock Cichlid, Fantail Guppy, Flowhorn and more!

Planted Design Aquarium:

Planted aquariums maintain a very natural look overall and provide a great environment for the fish in your tank. Rosette plants, stem plants, ferns, mosses and others work together to create a beautiful habitat for your home or business. Whether you want verdant, grassy fields, or large flowing ferns, there are options available for you.

Nano Cube Aquarium:

Small in size but packed with features, a nano cube aquarium is perfect for those who want something a little easier to maintain. Because of the low amount of water needed to sustain this habitat, effective filtration is a requirement. Luckily our nano tanks are designed with this concern in mind and provide another great option for your freshwater needs!

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