Custom Pond, Water Feature and Aquarium Services

Which Service Is Right For You?

Living Art Aquarium Design, Inc provides pond, water feature, and aquarium services to residential, commercial, and entertainment clients throughout Los Angeles. With all the services we have to offer, some of the considerations are maintenance, space, purpose, and pricing. Each one of our unique services fits a different bill, so think carefully and contact us if you have any questions!


Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater aquariums are the most common type of aquarium. From large to small, the ease of maintenance of a freshwater tank is what draws most people to using them. They also offer a lighter and more vibrant plant life than saltwater tanks. For those looking for simple elegance, it is hard to beat freshwater. We have decades of experience doing extravagant and simple custom builds, so we can build whatever you're looking for.

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Saltwater Aquariums

For clients more interested in the sea and ocean life, we offer custom saltwater aquariums that can recreate many natural living habitats. When it comes to saltwater aquariums, you have a choice of building an aquarium that incorporates fish, corals, or both. Many people choose saltwater for its complexity and its more lush life, and many customers add custom lights to add a more natural sea-light appearance. Our designers can create living art masterpieces for your home or office that are several hundred gallons or we can build a nano aquarium which occupies the smallest of spaces.

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Ponds & Water Features

Even though Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. is passionate about building custom freshwater and saltwater aquariums our projects do not end there. We have the resources to build some of the most stunning ponds and water features you have ever seen. Over the years, we have built many high-end ponds and water features for Hollywood Celebrities, Fortune 500 Executives, and Businesses throughout Los Angeles. Our ponds and water features can be built indoors or outdoors and take advantage of front or backyards. Give us a call at 310-822-7484 and speak to one of our designers to discuss your options.

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